1. 4 Pin Single Ended UV Germicidal Lamp

      Our UV germicidal lamp with 4 pins and single end can be used for disinfection of various water such as purified water, domestic water, ionized water, medical water, etc. With photocatalyst to degrade organics in water, it can also be applied to wastewater treatment.

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    1. Double Ended UV Germicidal LampADL UV germicidal lamp with double base can be used in all kinds of household appliances such as disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, air conditioning, air cleaner, etc. Additionally, the germicidal solution is commonly used in hospital, school, hotel, home, office and other environments for air and surface sterilization.
    1. H-Shaped Single Ended UV Germicidal Lamp

      This type of UV germicidal lamp can be used in various equipment such as medical air disinfector, air cleaner, water purifier, etc. for disinfection, sterilization and deodorization to relatively large space.

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UV Germicidal Lamp

ADL offers a wide range of UV germicidal lamps. This UV lamp works at the same principle as fluorescent lamps that mercury atoms in the tube are excited to generate UV light for germicidal applications. Low pressure mercury vapor mainly generates ultraviolet light with wavelength of 254nm and 185nm.

The tube of this germicidal lamp, also called mercury vapor lamp or bactericidal lamp, is made of uviol glass and quartz glass which allow the UV light to shoot out through the tube. In addition, the 254nm UV light is extremely easy to be absorbed. It will disrupt the DNA base pairing leading to death of bacteria on exposed surfaces.

Advantages of ADL UV Germicidal Lamp

1. Talent
ADL owns a large group of experienced production and R&D staff as well as professional sales team.

2. Equipment
We employ self-developed automation control equipment to ensure product consistency.

3. Technology
Top quality quartz tubes with special processing allow a UV intensity attenuation of less than 25% within tube’s life time. Unique lamp filament as well as great electronic powder processing and decomposition technology guarantees long tube service time.

4. Cost
Due to automation equipment, we achieve normalized production of UV germicidal lamp, reducing cost to the minimum level.