1. Household Appliance Infrared Radiant TubeThe primary reason is that infrared radiation does little or no harm to the human body and environment. Unlike ultraviolet which might lead to skin cancer if you are exposed to an excessive amount of it, the longer wavelength radiation like infrared does not interact significantly with matter and thus is harmless.
    1. Infrared Radiant Tube for Heating and HealthcareInfrared light helps expand blood vessels, improving oxygen and nutrients circulation. It also penetrates through the skin into the muscle tissue, rubbing molecules against one another to produce comforting heat, reliving the joint-and-muscle pain by reducing its stiffness, and improving immunity.
    1. Industrial Infrared Radiant TubeLong lifespan provides for little downtime. Our radiant heater can work continuously, and start up or shut off frequently without breaking down. The radiant elements are all protected from oxidation.

Carbon Infrared Heating Tube

We are pleased to announce that our high-intensity fast-heating carbon infrared heating tube is identified as Guangdong High-Tech Product by Guangdong Science and Technology Department. Our company is the first and only one among our rivals to receive this prestigious honor.

I. Carbon Infrared Heater for Health Maintenance
The carbon infrared heating tube goes by many names. Carbon heater and carbon infrared tube heater are just a couple. Infrared heaters differ from traditional metal wire heating elements or halogen lamps in that they have longer lifespan and higher energy conversion efficiency. In addition, infrared radiation is often used in healing therapy, which is impossible with visible light. It is a form of clean energy.

At the core of our infrared heating tube are carbon filaments with a carbon content of more than 90%. The energy is emitted from the heater in the form of infrared radiation with wavelengths between 4μm-14μm. Lights within the wavelength range between 4μm and 14μm account for 80% of total light emission. This range has been proven to be the most beneficial to human life, and thus is often called Lights of Life.

The light energy can be absorbed by water, causing one water molecule to rub against another. This friction would generate heat, which then penetrate through the human body for improving skin blood flow, enhancing metabolism, restoring moisture and removing skin allergy. Apart from healing function, the heater also provides a means to increase the room temperature.

II. Advantages

    1. 1. High-Quality Raw Material
      Carbon filaments are very efficient in heat generation. They use 40% to 50% less power to produce the same amount of heat with traditional heating materials. A traditional 2000W tube heater is equivalent in heat generation to a 1000W-1200W carbon infrared heater. The difference of energy saving between these two units is quite significant. As a matter of fact, high-quality raw material is just one contributing factor to a high-efficiency heater. Other important considerations include stringent manufacturing process and advanced processing technology.
    1. 2. Stringent Manufacturing Process
      Unique production process and processing method for carbon filaments reduce the possibility of early blackening, breakage, and sudden blow-up. Dehydroxylated quartz tube is used to offer minimal thermal expansion, high thermal stability, and great resistance to dramatic temperature changes. A series of lab tests are conducted, where the quartz tube is heated to 1500°C prior to being dropped into cold water of 10 °C. No burst ever occurs to that tube. Even more beneficial, quartz tubes have acid and alkali resistance 30 times that of an equivalent ceramic tube and 150 times that of stainless steel tube.
    1. 3. Fast Heating
      It only takes 3 seconds for an carbon infrared heating tube to heat up and reach the full capacity. If you use it in a heating machine, just turn on the heater and you would feel a sense of comfort in a matter of seconds. A traditional heater, however, would take you at least 5 minutes to wait for the heat coming out.
    1. 4. No Glare
      Glare-less is the word most users would say about our carbon filament heating tubes. What our heater actually emits is dark light. It neither dazzles the eyes nor causes discomfort even if you are looking directly at the tube. All you would feel are warm and comfort.
    1. 5. Maximum Safety
      This year we made over a million heating tubes. Not a single tube blows up, even upon contact with cold water. Please buy and use it with confidence. Thus far, many customers have decided to make a repeat purchase from us.