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Infrared Foot Warmer

Model Number: JYL-11
Power: 0-80W
Size: 432×350×152mm
Weight: 2kg
Package Size: 380×195×475mm

At the end of a long day at work, your feet easily get sore and tired. Try out our infrared foot warmer. Just let the comforting heat enter from the bottom of your feet and penetrate all the way through every inch of your body. This simple soothing infrared therapy can drive away fatigue and pain, relaxing your whole body.

Infrared emission holes, along with raised dots for foot massage, no only provide heat to your feet but also improve blood circulation therein.

Coldness starts in feet because they are farthest from the heart, where heat circulation is poor. Feet are easily affected by coldness. That is why people need to warm up their feet to make coldness go away. Our infrared foot warmer provides for improved blood circulation at your feet. You use it in the daytime to fuel your thoughts and ideas at work. You use it at night to give you a better sleep.

Increase metabolism
Improve sleep
Warm up cold hands and feet
Widen the passage of blood flow
Control the body weight
Adjust the blood pressure
Relieve fatigue

Figure 1
Each foot warmer comes with a safety plug and overheat protection. It is totally safe to use with your feet. Of course you can use an electric footbath instead if you are able to withstand the accidental electric shock. 

Figure 2
Our infrared foot warmer is designed with many small bumps that can massage the bottom of your feet. Overheat protection prevents against any potential scalding injuries.

There is generally no massaging function or overheat protection available with an ordinary feet warmer.

Figure 3
The infrared warmer has a pleasing appearance and is decorated in brilliant colors. It is time tested, colorfast and sturdy. Its streamline design makes for operating safety. The power switch comes with an independent indicator, ensuring easy use. Step-less temperature control allows customers to use their toes to adjust temperature. There is no need to bend over for temperature adjustment.

1.Foot warming pads are available with overheat protection to prevent scalding.
2.ADL Infrared Carbon Fiber Heating Tube
3. Foot Warmer Plug with Electricity Leak Protection

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