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Wall-Mounted Infrared Bathroom Heater

Model No.: JYL-21
Power: 0-1500W
Weight: 3.5kg
Dimension: 650×160×280mm
Package Size: 660×170×290mm

1. Remote control for hand-held operation
2. A total of 10 temperature settings
3. Overheat protection
4. Timing function


From a health point of view, a human head should not receive direct, intense heat radiation from straight overhead. For safety reasons, an electric heater is not allowed to be installed on places where water can easily splash over.

This series of infrared bathroom heater is mounted on the wall rather than under the roof. It is installed on a dry side wall next to the locker in the bathroom. Simply place it there, turn it on, and enjoy a comfortable bath.

Our wall-mounted infrared bathroom heater offers ten temperature settings. It is also available with timing functions. Suppose you are in the middle of a bath when you want to adjust the temperature. All you need to do is to take up the remote control and set the temperature. It is easy and flexible to use.

Over-Heat Protection
It is possible that cold water vapor touches the hot tube surface. If you are using an ordinary heater, chances are that the tube blows up. But it is never the same case with our quartz tube infrared heater, which will hold up to dramatic changes in temperature.

In addition, this infrared bathroom heating device is provided with overheat protection. Its outer casing is made of ABS material, resulting in better resistance to high temperature, impact, heat, low temperature, chemicals, and electric shock. This ensures the heater is totally safe to use.

Healthy Light Wave Bath
With our infrared radiant bathroom tube heater, you can turn your ordinary home bathroom into a far infrared radiation treatment room.

Drawbacks of Traditional Bathroom Heaters
Bathroom Heating Lamp

The bathroom heating lamp gives off harsh, bright light that hurts your eyes. The ultraviolet produced by the lamp does harm to the skin and eyes of all users, but is especially bad for children.

In fact, the heating lamp is among the least energy efficient heaters currently sold on the market with a low electricity-heat conversion efficiency of 30%. It also has limited lifespan of less than 12 months.

PTC Bathroom Heater

Slow heat transfer speed becomes a major drawback to the PTC heater with a electricity-heat conversion efficiency less than 20%. Fast radioactivity decay is another problem facing PTC heater developers. During use, the fan produces unpleasant noise. With a guaranteed lifespan of less than 1 year, the PTC heater is probably among the least-desired products that you want to order.

All-in-One Bathroom Heater

Low heat transfer efficiency is one shortcoming that discourages its users. This is mainly due to the fact that the fan would draw back the heat that has been produced by the heater. When placed under intense heat and humidity conditions, the heater easily leaks electricity. These combined defects result in a shortened use life of the heater.

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