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Freestanding High Efficiency Carbon Infrared Heater

Model No.: JYL-31
Power: 0-2000W
Weight: 8.0kg
Package Size: 675×185×625mm

1. Tip-over protection
2. Overheat protection
3. Installation: floor-standing or portable

Home, office, and other indoor areas that require heating

1.Control Panel
2.Heat Reflector Plate
3.universal wheel
4.vent holes for thermal convection

Heat Transfer

Traditional infrared heaters do not heat up the air. They transfer heat directly to the objects that stand in the pathway of infrared rays. Unlike its contemporaries, our floor-standing carbon infrared heater offers two ways of heating things through both convection and radiation. Upon turning on the heater, the whole house would almost immediately heat up. This series of radiant tube heater is ideal for home use.

The tip-over protection assembly of our infrared radiant heater would cut off the power supply instantly when the heater accidentally falls down. With the overheat protection, users never worry about safety issues concerned with extreme room temperature.

Flexible Movement
Thanks to the use of universal joint, our floor-standing radiant heater can move freely to any indoor locations.

Pleasing Appearance
The attractive design really appeals to every heater buyer. Simply put the heater in the room and enjoy the comforting heat it brings.

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