1. Infrared Foot WarmerAt the end of a long day at work, your feet easily get sore and tired. Try out our infrared foot warmer. Just let the comforting heat enter from the bottom of your feet and penetrate all the way through every inch of your body.
    1. Wall-Mounted Infrared Bathroom Heater

      From a health point of view, a human head should not receive direct, intense heat radiation from straight overhead. For safety reasons, an electric heater is not allowed to be installed on places where water can easily splash over.
      This series of infrared bathroom heater is mounted on the wall rather than under the roof.

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    1. Freestanding High Efficiency Carbon Infrared HeaterThey transfer heat directly to the objects that stand in the pathway of infrared rays. Unlike its contemporaries, our floor-standing carbon infrared heater offers two ways of heating things through both convection and radiation.
    1. Patented High Efficiency Carbon Infrared Heater

      Automatic tip-over protection would cut off the power supply when the infrared heater accidentally falls down. The hot plate of our patented infrared heater can rotate horizontally from left to right through a maximum of 30°. It is also able to adjust its vertical orientation from 0° to 90°. The flexible heating element avoids emitting all the thermal radiations in one direction.

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Carbon Infrared Heater


1. Energy Saving
Imported carbon filaments deliver a thermal efficiency twice that of common filament materials.

2. Quick Temperature Rise
Carbon filaments emit infrared radiation. Through this process, heat energy is transferred to the objects. The carbon filament can rise its temperature quickly to the rated value in three seconds.

3. Safe
An important characteristic of our carbon infrared heater is that it is safe to use even when there is dramatic change in temperature. This valuable quality is due to the use of quartz tube which is resistant to high temperature.

4. Durable
It would last ten years when used at rated voltage.

5. Eye Protection
This infrared heater produces some visible lights that you can see with your eyes, which do not hurt your eyes. Of course most of radiations are in the form of invisible infrared rays. Most important, the heater does not emit any ultraviolet. Please do feel safe to use it.

6. Health Care
Infrared radiations can penetrate through the skin and reach the subcutaneous tissue, leading to a fast temperature rise. They also cause the water molecules in the human body to vibrate wildly, ionizing the calcium. Ionized calcium can flow freely in your blood. It helps with the process of metabolism and detoxification, thereby improving immunity of human body.

Working Principle of Infrared Therapy

1. Produce Comforting Heat
2. Break the bonds between water molecules in human body.
3. Single Water Molecule
4. Each water molecule moves freely across the cell membrane.
5. Activate the cells.
6. Relax the lymph vessel.
7. Refine the lymph liquid.
8. Improve the ability of human immune system to fight bacteria and virus.
9. Expand the capillaries all over the body.
10. Improve blood circulation.
11. Help with metabolism.
12. Healthy cells

Spectral Comparison
The emission spectrum of our carbon infrared heater is surprisingly identical with the absorption spectrum of human body.

Infrared Rays Absorbed by Human Body
Carbon Infrared Radiant Tube Heater
Metal Alloy Tube Heater
Halogen Tube Heater

Electricity-Heat Conversion Efficiency
This infrared heater is twice as efficient at converting electricity into heat as a traditional heater.

In order of increasing conversion efficiency: wire heater, quartz tube heater, PTC heater, ordinary halogen tube heater, carbon infrared radiant tube heater.