1. Ceramic Metal Halide LampOur ceramic metal halide lamp has greater color rendering index. It is able to reproduce faithfully the colors of objects to be lighted. The light is often used to highlight architectural features in a shopping mall or emphasize the plants in a landscape.
    1. Quartz Metal Halide LampCustomers often go for this quartz metal halide lamp due to its competitive price, a major advantage over the ceramic type. Even a shorter lifespan and less stable color temperature do not discourage customers from buying it.

Low-Power Metal Halide Lamp

The low-power metal halide lamp is designed and produced to meet the increasing market demand. As a lighting specialist, our company mainly manufactures two types of metal halide lights: ceramic type and quartz type. One valuable quality of our ceramic light is the high color rendering index, which means the lamp can reproduce the color of objects faithfully. Thus far, our ceramic metal halide lights have been sold to many European countries.

Available at a competitive price, our low power metal halide lamp has become a preferred choice by many lighting professionals. Customers can rely on our lights as we have been engaged in the light production and sales for many years.