1. Metal Halide Pet Care Lamp

      The high intensity light can be used to displace sunlight, infrared light, and ultraviolet. It effectively controls the wavelength output. Different metal halide bulb models offer choices of color temperatures, from which you could choose the most suitable Kelvin rating for your reptile friends and amphibians.

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    1. Metal Halide Aquarium LampFor maximum lighting performance, please make sure the light of your aquarium lamp is directly cast upon the fish tank. Fit the bulb into the housing so that the light source can shine down without producing any shadows.
    1. Metal Halide Grow LampThus far, we have provided overseas customers with a number of metal halide grow lamps that are currently serving in their botanical gardens and institutes. Our high-intensity lighting just makes their landscaping look more beautiful. It has an average use life of more than 6000 hours.

Specialized Metal Halide Lamp

You want your pets to live safely, healthily and happily. Selecting a suitable lighting is essential to providing the best possible home for your animal friends.

Our company is among the earliest to produce metal halide lamps for pets. With our strength and capacity in manufacturing high-intensity bulbs, we now roll out the specialized metal halide lamp onto the European market.

Over the years, we have grown to become a major pets lighting supplier in Europe. Our products draw countless praise from customers who look to buy an appropriate lighting for their pets, aquarium residents, and plants. High intensity, consistent brightness, and even illumination across a wide area are the major benefits of our lamp for its end users.