1. Metal Halide Track LightThe main body of our track light is die cast from aluminum alloy. Its surface has gone through spray painting process, resulting in greater resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and color fading.
    1. Recessed Metal Halide DownlightWhen designing this metal halide lighting, we take its applications into consideration. Indoor decoration often requires the light to be hidden from view so that the whole place would look clean and tidy. Accordingly, the light is installed in the recessed area of the ceiling instead sticking out from it.

Metal Halide Light Fixture

The metal halide light fixture can be either mounted on tracks or installed into the hollow opening of a ceiling or wall. The track-mounted light fixture is die-cast from aluminum. It is able to adjust the angle of lighting according to the position of objects to be lighted.

A complete track lighting system is comprised of three parts, light fixture, track, and junction box. The light fixture can be either fixed to the track or attached to the box.

The recessed lighting system, however, features an integrated design where the lamp cap and junction box are brought together into one. The lamp cap is fully adjustable to meet your lighting needs.