1. High Power Metal Halide LampOur high power metal halide lamp is preferable for public-area lighting purposes. Large shopping malls, underground parking lot, outdoor stadium, and broad streets are common places where our metal halide light can be installed.
    1. Ballast for Metal Halide LampThe metal halide lamp is high-intensity discharge lighting that will only shine its brightest after a few attempts. In order for the lamp to start giving light the moment it is switched on, a ballast is needed.

Metal Halide Lamp

There are mainly three types of metal halide lamp products available for sale, including the metal halide power sources, metal halide light fixtures, and metal halide light matched sets. They are all developed and manufactured in our own facility by our own research and development team.

Our metal-halide power source can be provided with low-, medium- and high-power configurations as well as special options. The primary use of our metal halide lamps is in commercial lighting applications, but it is also adopted in other applications that require high standards of lighting.

To mount a metal-halide light onto the ceiling or wall, one also need a suitable light fixture and power supply. Light installation process should be carried out by lighting professionals. Unlike ordinary lamps, the metal-halide light has high standards to meet. Metal halide lighting manufacturers invest more in production equipment and technology. Despite years of effort, the quality of many ceramic metal-halide lights currently sold on the market is less than satisfactory. As a matter of fact, a large portion of these lights are shoddy items that have drawn harsh criticism from customers. The metal-halide lighting market has been occupied by multi-national enterprises for a long time.

With decades of hands-on experience in this metal-halide industry, our company has been granted patents on the invention of ceramic metal-halide lamps. This patented product is on par with international models in terms of color temperature, color rendering index, and lumen maintenance.

1. With a luminous efficacy ranging between 70lm/W and 100lm/W, the metal halide lamp is able to save a significant amount of energy.
2. High color rending index up to 90.
3. Long average lifespan: 6000-10000hours
4. High concentrated light, compact lighting structure, suitable for large area lighting applications
5. The shape of the arc tube is the same as that of the actual electric arc produced. This provides for better heat transfer, ensuring that there is uniform lighting color and even temperature across the tube wall.
6. The product is CE and RoHS compliant. Customers should feel safe to use.