1. LED Track LightOptimized design provides for fast heat dissipation and minimal luminous decay. The light housing is die-cast from aluminum. The main lighting body is constructed from cold rolled plates, with its surface having been sent through spray painting. Anti-glare rings protect human eyes from being hurt.
    1. LED Ceiling LightThe LED ceiling light can have either the COB chip or SMD chip as its light source. To install a ceiling light, users first need to know its size and open holes in the ceiling accordingly.

LED Light

Traditional incandescent (tungsten) lights are gradually being banned from production by governments around the world. These obsolete products are known for their inefficient energy consumption and relatively short service life. They are commonly manufactured from mercury and a conflux of other environmentally harmful heavy metals. With the rapid advancement of modern technology, the inferior incandescent light is quickly being replaced by a new generation of eco-friendly and power-saving LED lights.

By using our own production equipment, we are capable of producing various high-quality, cost-effective lights. According to the types of light sources, shapes and installation methods, our lighting products can be divided into the following groups.

1. Track light
2. Ceiling light
3. Downlight,
4. Grille light
5. Light sheet
6. Metal-halide lamp
7. Electronic and inductive ballast

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Over the years, we have been doing business with oversea customers. Thus far, our products have been exported to many countries including Germany, Russia, UK and Italy. Due to the high cost-performance ratio of our products, we have gained trust from many customers.