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    1. Household Appliance Infrared Radiant TubeThe primary reason is that infrared radiation does little or no harm to the human body and environment. Unlike ultraviolet which might lead to skin cancer if you are exposed to an excessive amount of it, the longer wavelength radiation like infrared does not interact significantly with matter and thus is harmless.
    1. Infrared Radiant Tube for Heating and HealthcareInfrared light helps expand blood vessels, improving oxygen and nutrients circulation. It also penetrates through the skin into the muscle tissue, rubbing molecules against one another to produce comforting heat, reliving the joint-and-muscle pain by reducing its stiffness, and improving immunity.
    1. Industrial Infrared Radiant TubeLong lifespan provides for little downtime. Our radiant heater can work continuously, and start up or shut off frequently without breaking down. The radiant elements are all protected from oxidation.
    1. Infrared Foot WarmerAt the end of a long day at work, your feet easily get sore and tired. Try out our infrared foot warmer. Just let the comforting heat enter from the bottom of your feet and penetrate all the way through every inch of your body.
    1. Wall-Mounted Infrared Bathroom Heater

      From a health point of view, a human head should not receive direct, intense heat radiation from straight overhead. For safety reasons, an electric heater is not allowed to be installed on places where water can easily splash over.
      This series of infrared bathroom heater is mounted on the wall rather than under the roof.

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    1. Freestanding High Efficiency Carbon Infrared HeaterThey transfer heat directly to the objects that stand in the pathway of infrared rays. Unlike its contemporaries, our floor-standing carbon infrared heater offers two ways of heating things through both convection and radiation.
    1. Patented High Efficiency Carbon Infrared Heater

      Automatic tip-over protection would cut off the power supply when the infrared heater accidentally falls down. The hot plate of our patented infrared heater can rotate horizontally from left to right through a maximum of 30°. It is also able to adjust its vertical orientation from 0° to 90°. The flexible heating element avoids emitting all the thermal radiations in one direction.

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    1. LED Track LightOptimized design provides for fast heat dissipation and minimal luminous decay. The light housing is die-cast from aluminum. The main lighting body is constructed from cold rolled plates, with its surface having been sent through spray painting. Anti-glare rings protect human eyes from being hurt.
    1. LED Ceiling LightThe LED ceiling light can have either the COB chip or SMD chip as its light source. To install a ceiling light, users first need to know its size and open holes in the ceiling accordingly.
    1. 4 Pin Single Ended UV Germicidal Lamp

      Our UV germicidal lamp with 4 pins and single end can be used for disinfection of various water such as purified water, domestic water, ionized water, medical water, etc. With photocatalyst to degrade organics in water, it can also be applied to wastewater treatment.

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    1. Double Ended UV Germicidal LampADL UV germicidal lamp with double base can be used in all kinds of household appliances such as disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, air conditioning, air cleaner, etc. Additionally, the germicidal solution is commonly used in hospital, school, hotel, home, office and other environments for air and surface sterilization.
    1. H-Shaped Single Ended UV Germicidal Lamp

      This type of UV germicidal lamp can be used in various equipment such as medical air disinfector, air cleaner, water purifier, etc. for disinfection, sterilization and deodorization to relatively large space.

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    1. Cold Cathode UV Germicidal LampCommon tube O.D: Φ4, Φ5, Φ6, Φ9 and Φ12
      Length: 50mm-500mm
      Current: 5-20Ma
      UV intensity: 300-2000μW/cm2
    1. U-Shaped Cold Cathode UV Germicidal LampCommon tube O.D: Φ4, Φ5, Φ6, Φ9 and Φ12
      Length: 50mm-500mm
      Current: 5-20mA
      UV intensity: 300-2000μW/cm2