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Environmental Protection

At ADL, we take special care to integrate environmental concerns into our daily business practices. Specific environmental protection measures are listed as follows.

Carbon infrared heating tube is two times as efficient as a traditional heating tube at converting electricity into heat. Its average lifespan is more than 8000 hours. In the process of radiation, the tube does not give out any harmful ultraviolet but only healthy infrared rays with wavelengths ranging between 4-14μm. In the medical realm, radiations within the said wavelength range are referred to as the Lights of Life. As a matter of fact, carbon filaments in our heating tube are considered as a type of new, energy-efficient heating elements. They do not produce any substances that might be harmful to the human body or living environment.

Another product, namely the metal-halide lamp, is designed to offer maximum luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, and long use life. It provides a combination of high energy efficiency and great lighting effect, well suited for use as commercial lighting.

Our LED lighting product as well as its production process does not generate any harmful substances. This series of product is also highly efficient and durable.

The carbon infrared tube heater uses high-efficiency, environmentally friendly carbon infrared radiant tubes as heating elements. It saves energy, protects environment, and brings healthy comfort to its users.

Energy Performance Certification
All ADL products have passed the CCC, CE, and RoHS certification.

Production Process
ADL Lighting has also passed the environmental impact assessment and emission evaluation carried our local Environmental Protection Department.