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When you order from ADL Lighting, you can get the following services.

We recommend a suitable product to customers for reference after we have reached a through understanding of where you will use your final product and what functionalities are expected. We also would like to give you simple, straightforward answers to questions you have posed. The purpose of our efforts is to ensure you get the most desirable product. Upon your request, we can sample the product first according to your required size and power. Then the sample will be shipped to you for confirmation.

Some of your ordered products are available with a certain number of replacement parts. The lead time will be decided depending on the products variety and order quantity.

For products under warranty, if you find any defect with the products caused by acts of God or nature, the defective unit will be repaired or a new unit will be shipped to you in place of the defective one according to our After-Sales Terms.

ADL carbon infrared heating tubes can be customized to fit your specific needs. Fist of all, we would like to discuss with customers, in order to reach a thorough understanding of where you will use the final product, what kind of performance you want your product to deliver, and whether you have any special requirements for the product.

In fact, the number of uses for our carbon infrared heating tube is nearly endless. It is widely seen in the household appliances to provide heat and keep warm, but it also can be employed for health care and industrial purposes.

Available with diverse features, our infrared radiant tubes can be provided with different power configurations and temperature settings. Some tubes are installed in a narrow space while others are housed in a spacious casing. The types of terminals or connectors can vary too, according to the varieties of your tubing products.

Presently available are radiant tubes in various shapes, including straight, U-shaped, S-shaped, Ω-shaped, pear-shaped, and circular. Of course our tube can be tailor made to your required size, shape, and power if only the order quantity and price are acceptable.

With many years of experience in OEM service, our research team and design team can coordinate with each other to turn your thoughts and ideas into desired products.